What is the purpose of Strong Girls?

We aim to build a community of empowered young girls and women who know their worth. We want girls to learn how to advocate for, and to respect, themselves and others. Our strong girls learn to embrace their unique qualities, strive to live healthily, and exude happiness in their everyday life. 

What does Strong Girls do?

Strong Girls is an Athens, GA group for elementary, middle school and high school girls looking for a stronger and more positive peer support system to navigate the pressures of adolescence. Strong Girls groups combine developmental activities, creative arts, and yoga. Girls gain physical strength training through yoga while learning relevant and valuable lessons that vary from class to class. Our classes are designed to inspire feelings of love and acceptance for the self and body. Girls will gain new tools that will increase inner and outer strength, love, and focus. 

Why is Strong Girls relevant?

In today's media, girls and women of all ages are bombarded with imagery and standards concerning the way women should look, act, and feel. This can be extremely damaging to growing girls who are not only trying to navigate school, family life, and adolescence, but also trying establish their sense of self. It is important for girls to be reminded of their worth and to discover who they are through healthy means. Strong Girls is an initiative that is seeking to promote the self-confidence and happiness of young girls, working to counter factors that commonly cause girls' insecurity- this is a message that is more relevant today than ever.