Summer Service and Volunteering


With all of the free time during the summer, it’s a perfect opportunity to give back to the community. Whether it’s volunteering at local nonprofits or coming up with your own service projects, it’s a fun way to engage the entire family and teach kids how important it is to help others. Here are some ideas for serving this summer:

1. Donate Old Items to Goodwill—This is a two-for-one because you’ll accomplish cleaning out your house (and all of those many closets), while also helping people who may not be able to provide those same items for their families.

2. Do Yard Work for Elderly Neighbors—In the intense summer heat (that has already come a little too soon), it’s more difficult for older people to get out and clean their lawn. Offer to help them out with it, or even run errands for them. You won’t know how much they’ll appreciate this.

3. Bake Goods and Take Them to the Local Fire Station—With all the hard work these guys are doing you just know they’ll appreciate a batch of cookies, and the recognition, too.

4. Make Goodie Bags for the Homeless—Instead of handing them a few coins you have, give them a plastic bag with water, crackers, hand wipes, a travel size deodorant and shampoo, and a pair of socks. This will go so much further and provide practical help.

5. Volunteer at the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank—You could help organize and stock the food pantry, or even work outside in the garden helping harvest the food. Don’t forget to collect cans from your neighbors before you go!

6. Provide a Meal for the Athens Area Homeless Shelter—Providing a meal to families in need is one of the most thoughtful ways to give back and respond to homelessness. There is always need for this, and it’s something the whole family can do!


Happy Helping!

Carolyne Eith