New Year’s Resolution: Be You


As we begin our journey into 2018, many of us reflect upon what the new year will bring as well as create New Year’s resolutions. Many people join gyms, pledge to eat healthier, or plan to learn a new skill. Regardless of what the specific resolution is, what most resolutions have in common is the desire to become better. It instills the idea in us that we need to become something other than what we already are. Further, it persists that what we are is not good enough.

This year, rather than thinking of your flaws and ways that you can become better, I challenge you to think of ways in which you are already whole. Think of all the amazing things that your body can do. Feel all the love that fills and surrounds you. Embrace all of the qualities that make you uniquely you.

This year, replace the days of self improvement with self affirmation. When you learn to accept yourself as you are, miraculous changes will occur. Daily stress, as well as insecurities, will vanish as self love fills the void. Remember to remind yourself, as well as your strong girl, that there is nothing more beautiful than loving your unique self just the way you are!

By Jenna Blumenthal